Hi, my name is Ricardo Castelbon
I'm Full-Stack Developer.

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Hello! I am a Full-Stack developer based in Stockholm. My journey in Sweden began five years ago while simultaneously working in the restaurant industry and learning Swedish. Throughout this time, my passion for all things tech has remained unwavering. Two years ago, I made the decision to transform my passion into my professional career.

As Full-Stack developer I have experience with languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript & PHP. I also have experience with frameworks like React, Next, Express, koa.

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DoggyMatch (MERN Stack App)

DoggyMatch is a Tinder based web app which purpose is to find match for our pet. To its development was used React, Node.js, Express and MongoDB.

Recipe App (Angular + Laravel)

Recipe App is a project with a frontend developed with Angular 13, an api developed with Laravel 9 and MySQL. We can search and filter recipes requesting an external Api and also we can create lists and add recipes to them.

Weather App (React)

Weather app allow us to check the weather in our location in different intervals using OpenWeatherMap as Api.

IMDb-clon (Laravel)

With IMDb-clon we can search for movies previously added to a MySQL database. We can also add movies to our user personal watchlist and review the movies.

HotelManager (MERN + TypeScript)

HotelManager is an application which objective is to allow Hotel owners to have control over their bookings aswell as have control over their employees.

For more projects check my Github!